General Data

The international interest in regulating space activities accompanies the development of their strategic and commercial potential. The legal framework proposed by international treaties for the exploration and use of space must be understood and analyzed necessarily from a multi and interdisciplinary perspective, in order to consider elements of geology, geophysics, astrophysics, astronomy, engineering, biology, law, economics and political science , just to mention the most evidently linked to mega spaces, such as science and knowledge relevant to the jurist in the operation of legal instruments that are not just legal diplomas, but instruments of policy and strategy in Brazil for the identification and projection of interests in the community International.

This research and study group brings together dedicated researchers who act as consultants for Brazil in the main international debate forums on the most relevant issues of space law and policy, promoting studies on the use and exploration of space, for the benefit of the entire Humanity.

Main Themes:

  • United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Use of Space
  • Planetary defense
  • Delimitation and definition of space
  • Space law
  • International governance of space resources
  • Security of the digital environment and its relationship with space
  • Space security
  • Sustainability of space activities
  • Military uses of space
  • Artemis Agreement
  • Satellite constellation
  • Legal regime of the Moon, Mars, and celestial bodies.

Certification: Certificate in the CNPq Directory

Year: 2013

Line of Research: Legal Regime of Space and Astropolitics

– Leader: Prof. Dr. Olavo de Oliveira Bittencourt Neto

– Deputy leader: Prof. Dr. Daniel Freire and Almeida

Executive Board: prof. dr. Gabriela Soldano Garcez –

International Director: Vinicius Mesquita Aloia –

Director for institutional relations: Marina Stephanie Ramos Huidobro –

Director for international competitions: Suyan Cristina Malhadas –

Director for Academic Affairs: Rodrigo Vesule Fernandes –


– Dynamic: Meetings on Fridays, at 11:30 am.

Dates of meetings:

September 17th

October 15th

November 19th

December 17th

Members: Brazilian and foreign researchers specializing in Space Law and Policy, students and researchers from the Catholic University of Santos.


Website: Catholic University of Santos
Telephone: (13) 3205-5555
Address: Avenida Conselheiro Nébias, 300 – Vila Mathias – Santos/SP
CEP: 1101-5002