01Academic Exchange Procedures

1. Candidates may apply for the exchange program at UniSantos if duly enrolled in one of the higher education institutions in partnership with UniSantos and having attended at least 4 (four) semesters of their undergraduate program.

​1.1. The student must have enough knowledge of the Portuguese language, be in good physical and psychological conditions to travel, and have sufficient financial conditions to stay in Brazil.

2. The deadline for applications is:

• To apply for the 1st semester: 31st of October (February to June)

• To apply for the 2nd semester: 31st of May (August to December)

3. The student must register in the exchange department of the origin institution, which will be in charge of selection. It is the origin institution that assesses if the student is able to apply for a vacancy at UniSantos.

4. To apply, it is necessary to fill out the Academic Exchange Request Form, which must be printed out and sent via email and mail to the Department of International Relations of UniSantos, properly filled out and signed, together with the following documents attached:
• Official School Records of the origin institution;
• Student’s resume (in Portuguese);
• Letter of Intentions (in Portuguese);
• Statement of enrollment;
• Medical certificate;
• Authenticated copy of Student Visa and Passport;
• Academic Exchange Procedure signed;
• 2 (two) recent and identical 4×3 photos.
E-mail: sri@unisantos.br
Address: Av. Conselheiro Nébias, 300 – Prédio Adm., Sala 102 – 11015-002 – Santos/SP Brasil

5. The documents will be analyzed by the responsible departments at UniSantos (Department of International Relations and the Coordination of the intended undergraduate program).

5.1. After the approval by the UniSantos the Letter of Student Acceptance will be sent to the exchange department of the origin institution.
5.2 The exchange student will not afford the enrolment and the monthly fee at UniSantos, as provided in the Agreement of Cooperation signed with the origin institution, but he or she will have to afford any other fees that may apply during the exchange period.

6. The student accepted for the exchange program must be aware that at UniSantos he or she must attend to the classes scheduled before he leaves his or her origin country, as well as obtain the grade average required for validation with the origin institution when he returns.
6.1. When the stipulated period for the exchange program ends, the student must return to the origin institution to continue his or her studies.

7. The exchange program student will be allowed to use the UniSantos premises (all campuses), such as libraries and internet rooms, among others, as well as participate in internship selections duly authorized by UniSantos.

8. It is expected that the student has a dignified and responsible demeanor while participating in the exchange program.
8.1. Any problems that may be caused by the exchange student or regarding him will be immediately communicated to the origin institution.
8.2. The exchange student will be responsible for his or her own acts while participating in the exchange program in Brazil.