Marcos Medina Leite, MSc.

Message From The Rector

Dear professors and foreign researchers

Dear foreign students,

It is with great pleasure that I am addressing you to feel motivated to visit our University and in order to apply as a researcher and study with us.

Universidade Católica de Santos is one of the most prestigious Brazilian Educational Institutions. The city of Santos is inserted in a privileged economic and logistics context due to its location on the coast of São Paulo, its port, considered the biggest in South America, and its proximity to the city of São Paulo, the dynamo of the continent’s economy.

The great discoveries of offshore deposits of oil from the pre-salt layer announce great challenges and opportunities for the country’s sustainable development. Our University is in the geographic center of this new reality and is preparing itself to be a partner of both public and private sectors in this new economic scenario by means of academic, scientific, technological and social cooperation.

Besides our traditional and already consolidated undergraduate programs, new programs such as Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Port Engineering constitute a contribution the university offers to the new age of investments and economic expansion of the country.

As for Post-graduation, our Doctorate Programs in International Environmental Law and Public Health fall within the Programs of Masters degree in Environmental Law, International Law, Education, and Public Health, which were positively evaluated by CAPES (the Ministry of Education’s Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) and bring together researchers of excellence in areas relevant to the social development of the region and the country. Our specialization and MBA programs stand out as focusing on market needs and opportunities.

Research is as an essential aspect that includes the university in the region’s scientific and technological context, and the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IPECI) in close collaboration with the Post-graduation Programs, is a privileged means of research production and presentation. Through IPECI, UniSantos is inserted into the nationwide educational scene, for example, with the accreditation granted by the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), which authorizes us to receive resources as laid down in the Oil Act for the promotion of scientific, technological, social, and environmental research.

Blending together our Catholic and community vocations – apparent by its inherent shelter and social sensibility -, we act strongly in social projects and we value voluntary work as a component part of university education.

With a plural and humanist environment, opened to research and innovation, our University is a privileged channel of opportunities for the education and improvement of all foreign students and researchers who desire to experience life in Brazil and better learn its human potentialities and richness.
We hope that you take the decision to study and do research work in Brazil. Come join our set of challenges and opportunities and obtain positive results.

Welcome to Universidade Católica de Santos!

Warm greetings.

Marcos Medina Leite, MSc.