01IPECI – Research Institute

The Institute of Scientific Research and Technology (Instituto de Pesquisas Científicas e Tecnológicas – IPECI) is the institutional core for research and technological activities in the University. With more than 20 years, its foundations lay on post-graduation activities and over 100 laboratories.


IPECI activities include a set of professional services the university offers to the community, which encompasses the following areas:
• Environment (e.g., risk management, social environmental mediation, environmental impact reports, environmental management in cities and ports, legislation etc.);
• Biotechnology and Health (e.g., lab analysis, quality control etc.);
• Chemistry (e.g., vessel-related pollution analysis, water quality, food quality, etc.);
• Engineering, Logistics and Architecture (e.g., housing projects, oil and gas logistics, sustainable architecture, etc.);
• Information and Communication Technology (e.g., systems projects, software technology, network projects, data mining, information security standards etc.);
• Social Communication (e.g., press consulting, institutional communication etc.)



IPECI has a close relationship with the private sector in strategic fields such as environment, gas and oil, logistics, and infrastructure. Petrobras, a global energy company, is one of the university’s most important partners in many projects and fields.


Mainly related to port and energy industries, this is the result of a new policy implemented by São Paulo state government in order to promote technological development in the Santos area. IPECI is the most structured research institution in the region to take part in the state government’s new move toward regional development.


Another important activity under the umbrella of IPECI is the research introduction program for young researchers (in Brazil, called “Scientific Initiation”). This program receives several governmental grants for undergraduate scholarships. Around 100 students are benefited by this program every year.


IPECI also manages the “Science without borders” Program, a federal program that promotes international academic experience for Brazilian undergraduate students to study abroad. UniSantos was the first university in the area to fulfill the criteria to join this governmental initiative.