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Framework of Reference

Universidade Católica de Santos is a non-profitable philantropic organization and a confessional higher education institution, governed by its General Statute and Regulation, by the current legislation and by this Framework of Reference, which clearly expresses the Catholic identity of the Institution.
It is maintained by Sociedade Visconde de São Leopoldo, a traditional educational institution with more than 60 years of history, that also maintains Liceu Santista, a centenary school in Santos.
As a university, Católica de Santos is an academic community that, in a rigorous and critical way, contributes to the defense and development of human dignity, as well as to the cultural heritage, through research, teaching and services rendered to the community.


Along with the values common to the entire University, Católica de Santos notably strives for the cultivation of human values and Christian ethics so as to build a fairer, egalitarian and renewed democratic society.
It affirms the primacy of man over things, of spirit over matter, of ethics over technique, in order to have science and technology at the service of man.
It recognizes and defends the universal right to education and one’s free choice as to what type of education to receive. Inserted into a pluralistic society, it accepts all sorts of people, regardless of race, color or creed, as long as the legal demands are satisfied and the respect for the Catholic identity of the institution is assured.
Universidade Católica de Santos aims to prepare professionals that have a solid Christian background, excel at knowledge, efficiently perform their functions, have a sense of social responsibility and are witnesses of its Catholic identity in the world.

Academic Community

The teaching staff of the university is chosen as people with scientific values, technical competence, professional seriousness and probity of life socially accepted and respect for the principles of Catholic Doctrine.
The entrance and permanence of the teaching and administrative staff, as well as students, is a free and individual option, which coherently implies the commitment to respect the principles that guide the institution.
All the exercise of positions and functions is a service to be devotedly provided to the academic community. Coherent with itself and with this Framework of Reference, Universidade Católica de Santos is willing to go through a process of permanent self-evaluation of its performance, in constant search of institutional improvement and the accomplishment of its objectives.

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