Agreement of Post-Graduation Courses (PEC-PG)

unisantosThe foreign student can study at UNISANTOS in Master and Doctor ate degrees programs with CAPES scholarship

The program of Students-Agreement of Post-Graduation Courses (PEC-PG), created officially in 1981, offers scholarships to nationals of developing countries in which Brazil has an agreement on cultural cooperation and / or educational training courses for postgraduate strictu sensu (master and doctorate) in Higher Education Institutions (IES).

Are offered to the contemplates the following:

– Vacancies in the Brazilian IES recommended by Capes, without enrollment costs;
– The monthly scholarship for the same amount that the Brazilian offered to students, namely: R $ 1,500.00 (approximately 748,88 dollars) to master, with a maximum duration of 24 months, and R $ 2,200.00 (approximately 1.098,35 dollars) for PhD with a maximum duration of 48 months, and
– the return airline ticket to the country of the foreign student.

The PEC-PG is administered in partnership by three agencies:
– By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), through the Division of Educational Themes (DCE), which is responsible for the dissemination of the program abroad and the payment of passages feedback of students;

– By the Ministry of Education (MEC), through the Coordination of Personal Improvement of Higher Education (CAPES), which is responsible for selection and payment of grants to doctoral students from all participating countries and masters students to Timor-east, and

– By the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), through the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), which is responsible for the selection and payment of grants for master’s students from all participating countries, with the exception of Timor-East.​